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Contacting the Covenant

You don't need a crystal ball to contact the Covenant, just the right address.

When contacting the Covenant please bear in mind that we are a small organisation that is run by volunteers, most of whom have both careers and lives. We try to check the E-mail once every day or two, but we cannot guarantee this. The post office box is checked whenever the secretary can get there, possibly once a week. E-mailing twice a day demanding to know why you haven't heard from us yet just makes us cranky. Don't make us get the flying monkeys...

If you are with the media, please read our media information. It will save you time and effort.

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Media Information

Thank you for your interest in our religion. Our web site contains most of the information you could get from an interview. It will save you time to read it before asking questions.

There is information for reporters on Wicca (albeit largely with an American bias) at This page also has a variety of links and contact information for those doing research.

Halloween shares the same date as one of our holidays (Samhain) but otherwise has little to do with us. Sadly, it is also the traditional time when some people try to boost media ratings by doing sensationalist "news" stories that defame our religion. For these reasons we do not grant interviews at Halloween. If you wish to compare our holidays with other holy days occurring around the same dates, may we suggest Christmas (Yule) or Easter (Ostara).

We have no objection to the public being familiar with our beliefs and practises and may grant interviews at other times of the year.

Most of us have full time lives that include jobs and families and so have little time, money or inclination to do telephone interviews. You are more likely to get a positive response if you contact us in writing or via E-mail.

Thank you. Contact Us Last Modified: 2013-10-25
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