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Summerfest 2015

Campout in Kananaskis Country

From Friday July 10 (around 4 PM) to Sunday July 12 (around noon), the Covenant of Gaia invites you to our 16th annual Summerfest event.

Summerfest is a Pagan Gathering for those who enjoy time for lighthearted fun amidst Nature's cathedral of trees and mountains. At our annual summer gathering this year, you will find a unique combination of laughter and learning, where workshops and ritual circles counterpoint music, dance and bonfire drumming. We welcome people at all ages, all genders and orientations. Come learn and play with us at Summerfest!

We are planning our programs now, if you are interested in the programs available or in hosting a program, please contact Rosy. Deadline for submitting a program or event at Summerfest is a month before.

We will be having rituals for opening and closing.


The campground is in a government park, approximately 60 minutes west of Calgary. There is a main fire pit (use will depend on whether there is a fire ban in effect or not). There are no individual fire pits, so be sure to bring your Coleman stove or equivalent for personal cooking. The area is set up for tenting with lots of room for RVs. Note: There is no power. You are responsible for your own food and cooking arrangements. If you need to rent equipment, check with your local outdoor equipment store. Be sure to book rentals early.

Depending on the weather in the weeks before Summerfest water may be in short supply. If at all in doubt bring your own drinking water.

Not far from our Campsite is a wonderful mountain stream. A great place to use earth, and water for spiritual cleansing and meditation and restoration.

The site will open at 4:00 P.M. on Friday July 10. Registration will run from 4:00 - 8:00 P.M. People arriving on Saturday can arrive whenever they wish. Please specify an estimated time of arrival. Sunday July 12 will be spent cleaning up and clearing out. The closing Circle will be held at 11:00 A.M.; everyone has to vacate by noon.

Please note that events will run on Mountain Daylight Saving Time — not Pagan standard time!!!

We also ask that all adults donate 2 hours of community work (clean-up). We will have a Priest/ess on call for those who desire to speak to someone and designated security/first aid for this event.

Please read the following documents, especially the camp rules

Late registrations will not be accepted. No refunds after midnight of Wednesday July 08.

Send your registrations to the secretary via e-mail.

(Or fill in attached registration sheet and give to a Board member)

Please note that all Alberta park regulations are in effect at this location.

Please take time to look at the following pages on Pagan Camping hints, Camp regulations, and stuff to bring and Leave Less Trace. The same rules about polite behaviour elsewhere in Canadian society also apply at the Summerfest Gathering. Things people do in privacy should still be done in privacy, and illegal substances are very definitely NOT allowed.


Costs for Summer fest this year are $32.50 per night per site ($65 for the weekend) and include pancake breakfast on Saturday morning. (If one is inclined, they are invited to bring your own meat). For supper on Saturday we are inviting everyone to bring a salad item in its own container/bowl for the Salad Bar. Day admission is $20 per person. And we are inviting anyone who is interested in selling their wares to come on down, tables are available for $20 plus day rate.

Fees may be paid by Cash or Cheque. Cheques should be payable to "Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta"

Maps will be sent/given out out once people have registered. If you do not register you do not get a map and will not be allowed into the event.

Get the registration forms and waiver as well as the workshop proposal form. Contact Us Last Modified: 2015-02-18
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