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COGCOA Articles of Faith

This document forms the body of belief common to all our members.


In these Articles, the following definitions are valid:

  • "Pagan" refers to any earth-centered or nature-based religion or any follower thereof.
  • "Wicca" is the revival of the worship of the Earth Mother, Triple Goddess and the old Gods in a modern context. "Wiccan" is any practitioner of the Wiccan religion whether initiated or not.

The Covenant has formed to answer a need in the community, to provide fellowship for the Pagans and Wiccans in Alberta. We accept that some Pagans and Wiccans may choose to refer to themselves as Witches.

The Covenant is structured as a group of congregations and solitary members who come together and agree on many points, and agree to disagree on others. The final control of the Covenant rests in the members, who elect the Board of Directors and must approve major policy decisions (see By-Laws). Each group in the Covenant retains its autonomy as to organisation, exact forms of the rites, and who is given precedence in worship.

We each have special reverence for a particular Goddess or God (or multiples thereof). All beliefs are equally valid. The Covenant shall be a mutual support group for its members, with the opportunity for Friendship, mutual learning and teaching, providing religious and pastoral services to all who request them.


  1. We endeavor to live by one Law, and that is: If it harms none, do what you will.

    We also respect the corollary of the Law, that whatever you do will return threefold upon you.

  2. We believe that each person has a right to choose, and so our rites are non-violent and non-coercive. We shall strive to follow these principles in our everyday lives as well.

  3. We aver that the Earth is sacred and we may choose to express our relationship with the Earth as one of deep connection, of stewardship, or of reverence for the Earth as our Mother Goddess. We seek to live in harmony with nature.

  4. We celebrate the traditional holy days of the year, both the solar and lunar cycles. We also hold community rituals of passage to spiritually mark life changes such as birth, death, joining and separation before our deities.

  5. We respect the traditional mysteries of our faith and acknowledge the need of some of our Sisters and Brothers to keep their religious affiliation confidential.

    The Relationship between a worshipper and her deities shall be sacred and inviolable, provided only that in the love of one's own deities, one does not profane or curse the names of the deities of others.

  6. Divinity is as likely to manifest in female form as male. Many of us believe in a Goddess / God duality. There is a sacred pattern to the Universe, aspects of which we may perceive as the Goddesses and Gods. They are immanent and may be evoked within us. They may also be transcendent.

  7. We offer fellowship to all who profess Pagan faiths and we acknowledge the spiritual validity of Pagans who may not choose to join us. We respect all other spiritual paths, insofar as they fulfill the Law and harm none. We do not proselytize, for we do not aver that ours is the one, true, right and only path for all.

    As Pagans, we understand that since divinity can be within us we have no need for a Superior Earthly Spiritual Leader. Beyond the Law, we do not have a legacy of infallible sacred texts. We share the firm conviction that people were meant to lead lives filled with joy, love, pleasure and humour.

  8. There shall be no charge for religious instruction or initiation, but reasonable fees may be charged by our clergy for the conduct of the Rites of Passage.

  9. We have a liturgy in general form for initiations, ordinations, elderings, marriages and funerals, but these rites may be adapted as the officiating clergy and participants desire.

  10. Neither this nor any of the above Articles may be amended or removed from this document. Contact Us Last Modified: 2005-12-22
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